What goes on in my baby’s head?


Do you ever look at your baby and wonder what the heck they are thinking? I do multiple times a day. My guess is for the most part he’s thinking, milk-cuddle-play-oh a shiny thing I want to touch, etc. But sometimes, his reactions and expressions to random things just puzzle me (although it’s also quite entertaining). For instance, we often wonder if many our little man has a wee bit of a foot obsession. From the day he discovered his feet, he’s been fascinated by them. In fact, he loved to suck on his toes so much it took a lot of force to pull his feet out of his mouth to change is diaper or to get him dressed. He’s would suck on his toes like he was enjoying a decadent meal – it was really weird haha.

And, it’s not just his feet he likes- he likes our feet too. He seems to have outgrown it a bit (thankfully), but he would try to suck on our toes too! Even if I had socks on, that wouldn’t stop him! However, the funniest thing was what would happen when I would paint my toenails. When I finally got a chance to get my first pedicure since he was born, didn’t think he would even notice, but boy was I wrong. I am not sure if he was incredibly excited by the new colors or terrified, but his expression and reaction were priceless (see video below).

I guess it’s all part of how babies learn, and it’s quite entertaining- as long as he grows out of the toe sucking thing by kindergarten 😉 What weird things seem to fascinate your baby?

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