My Baby is Allergic to Sleep


For decades upon decades, people have tried and failed to capture images of mythical creatures such as Bigfoot, the Lockness Monster, or a unicorn. For me, capturing an image of my baby sleeping seems just as illusive. Before having a child, I was under the assumption that babies sleep. Apparently, that’s not always the case. When I look it up, babies should sleep between 14-18 hours a day or more. My child- he slept for 5 hours including naps over a 24 hour period the other day. WTH!? And he still has the energy to walk and climb everywhere, and be in a relatively good mood. Me- not so much! I wish I could muster up that much energy on so little sleep. Ah, well, it’s all worth it.

What tips seem to help get your baby to sleep longer?

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