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11 Best Active Toys for Kids for Christmas | 2020 Holiday Toy Gift Guide

It’s going to be a long winter, so why not stock up on active toys for kids this holiday season? Let’s face it, Santa brings a lot of fun things, but if you want to stay sane this winter season, you will need toys that keep kids active inside and out. That’s why I have created this Christmas 2020 Toy Gift Guide of the Best Active Toys for Kids.

Whether you have a toddler, a seven-year-old, or an older child, keeping them active is important year round. But this winter, with many of the normal indoor activities unavailable, having indoor active toys kids love on hand will be key to keeping everyone in the house happy. If you are stuck indoors or in your own yard, this toy gift guide has you covered. From active indoor toys, to balance boards, and toys that will challenge gross motor skills, this Active Toys For Kids Holiday Gift Guide has something for every active kid on your list. Plus it will keep your kids playing for hours & burning off energy so you can actually get something done!

The Best Active Toys for Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2020

With three kids and trying to balance work from home life with virtual schooling, I can tell you I have spent hours searching Amazon for the best active indoor toys I could find. As much as I love spending time with my kids, I also really need them to be able to play on their own at times so I can get some work done. And with a one year old, a four year old, and a six year old, that can be a challenge. So, I created this list based on our experience as well as of the trusted recommendations from other moms, to share with you. From toddlers to big kids, this list of active indoor toys has you covered. Whether your kids are into board games, balls, or just want something new to do when stuck inside, I am pretty confident you will find at least a few new toys your kids will love. And if there are some amazing active toys I missed, please tell me about them so I can add them to the list.

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tubelox toys active toys for kids boys build car out of toys

If I had a top choice for an active toy this holiday season, it has to be TubeLox. I was so excited about this toy, I couldn’t wait for Christmas and gifted it to my kids early. And I am glad I did. This building toy is amazing. It’s like having life-sized Legos to build with. You can make everything from forts, to playgrounds, to a real go-cart you can steer. I love that TubeLox not only keeps my kids moving and way from screens, but they are also using critical thinking skills and creativity to determine what to build and how to put the pieces together.

Another bonus with this toy is how easy it is to store. With some active toys for kids, they take up a lot of space and you can’t easily store them (I’m talking about you large plastic swing & slide that lives in my basement year-round). With TubeLox, you can build giant forts, but then take them apart and easily story the parts in a box or in the carrying case the website sells. It’s also a toy I feel my kids won’t outgrow anytime soon. I love this toy so much I was able to get the kind folks at TubeLox to give my readers a discount code!

Toddler Trampoline

image of mini toddler trampoline with hand bar

In my dream world, I would fill my backyard with large, inground trampolines that I could jump on with my kids all day long (former gymnast here if you can’t tell). But since my husband doesn’t share the same vision for our backyard space, I’ve had to compromise. So, the next best thing is a scaled down version- an indoor toddler trampoline. This active toy is best for your tiny tots (trust me…my older ones get a little too crazy on this thing), but it will certainly help your little ones to burn off some much needed energy. I highly recommend getting a mini trampoline with a toddler bar, like this one, to help your little one balance and reduce the risk of falls.

Indoor Playground Climbing Mat for Toddlers

If you have ever taken your kids to an indoor playground, you know how popular indoor climbing mats can be. These soft mats let your little ones jump, climb, and roll safely…which keeps them happy and usually makes naptime less of a battle. You can’t fit an entire playground in your house (well, maybe you can… but I definitely don’t have the space for it) so a scaled-down version like this one can be the next best thing.

Indoor Playground Gym

The little kids can’t have all the fun. This indoor playground door gym for bigger kids is an incredible way to let them climb, swing, and stay active without having to head out to the park – which is perfect for cold, winter days (and rainy days too). The doorways in my house unfortunately don’t work with this style of climbing gym, but if they did, you’d bet I’d be using this everyday with my kids (because why should they be the only ones to get to do fun things, am I right?)

Sit & Spin

I have so many happy memories of spinning out of control on a similar Sit & Spin as a child, so how could I deprive my little ones of similar dizzy adventures? This toy is a fun way to build both coordination and upper body strength while spinning around until you want to fall over – which for some reason my kids love to do non-stop no matter where we go anyway.

Hide ‘n Seek Tunnel

I absolutely love pop-up tunnels for so many reasons. For one, they are just fun to look at. But they also can be used in so many ways, from hide and seek to ball pits, and imagination games. But outside of all of that, my favorite part is that they can be folded down in less than a minute and take up virtually no storage space. I mean, how much better can it get?

Kid Dumbbells

If you have ever had to give up on a workout because your kids wanted to ‘join in,’ then this gift is for you. These foam dumbbells are probably one of my all-time favorite active toy purchases. Perfect for little hands, these colorful dumbbells make your kids feel like they are a part of your workouts, but in a safe way. The light weight and foam material make them safe for little kids while also allowing you to introduce your child to weight lifting and get them learning proper form and technique.

Jump rope & Hula hoop Set

A jump rope and a hula hoop may seem pretty basic, but this inexpensive gift can provide hours of active play. I hadn’t considered a jump rope as an active toy gift idea until my six-year-old told me how much he missed jumping rope in gym class at school. And it makes sense. Learning to jump rope is a challenge. And once you master it, you can challenge yourself to jump faster, to jump on one leg, to learn tricks…the list goes on. It makes the perfect active gift for a kid who may need to play on their own from time to time (or a kid that wants a little alone time). Pair it with a hula hoop and you can introduce your child to even more fun & challenging physical activities.


Just the other day, my six-year-old and I were looking at board games online and we saw Twister. It’s such an old-school game I didn’t even think about it for my kids, but when I saw it I knew they would love it. I remember being a kid playing Twister for hours with my sister and my friends. We’d practically tie ourselves into pretzels trying to win, but oh man we had so much fun in the process. And because it’s a game that relies on color recognition, even young children can play along with older siblings or parents.


I came across this game on Amazon the other day and was really excited about it. I mean anything that makes physical activity fun and gets adults and kids moving is a win in my book. And that’s just what this game offers. It’s a game of fitness challenges you can play on your own or in a group and can be a perfect alternative for the standard board game on family game night.

Think & Learn Smart Cycle

When I first saw an exercise bike for kids, I wasn’t really sure what to think about it. But then I remembered this little giraffe toy at my parents’ house that my kids fight over to play with every time we visit. It’s basically a kids exercise bike with a giraffe head on it.  So, if my kids love an exercise bike in disguise, what’s wrong with the real thing? Nothing! What’s great about this bike is it incorporates games not only as a way to keep your child excited about cycling, but also as a way to encourage learning. If you have been stuck at home virtual schooling your kids, you know how important that combination can be. If I can get my preschooler to sit down to learn, it’s a miracle. So if he can jump on a bike and learn at the same time….well that’s just amazing and worth every penny in my book.

Hopper Ball

Growing up, I think we all had one of these, right? But for some reason, I don’t see hopper balls as much anymore. What I do see though is my three children fighting over my exercise ball on a daily basis trying to jump on it or over it. So, buying a hopper ball for each of them not only frees up my exercise equipment again, but it also is much safer as it is sized better for their small bodies. Plus, the handle makes it way more fun for bouncing all around. And honestly, is there anything more entertaining than watching a bunch of tiny kids trying to race each other as fast as they can on a hopper ball? I think not.