Here Comes Baby #3

preparing for baby number threeIt’s crazy to think in just a few days we will go from a family of four to a family of 5. As excited as we are to meet our baby girl, at the same time it all still seems surreal. Honestly, this whole year has been crazy. This time last year, we were just accepting an offer on our home while searching for the perfect new home. Little did we realize 365 days later we’d have moved, renovated the house, changed schools for the boys, and be counting down the days until our daughter arrived. Thankfully we picked a house with an extra bedroom LOL!


For some reason, we don’t ever make it easy on ourselves before a baby arrives. With my first son, we sold our home when I was 6 months pregnant, lived with my parents for two months while we renovated the house, and moved in just weeks before he was born. I still remember my husband asking what time I’d be discharged from the hospital so we could be home in time to meet the cabinet guy who was finishing our kitchen (I love him, but his form of nesting is apparently to renovate things which drives me just slightly crazy haha). And this time around is no different.


I was so looking forward to the contractors being done in our home last week. So of course, on the day they were set to finish, we find out we have bats in the attic! On top of that, my youngest was sick and needed to go to the doctor and I was desperately trying to finish a last-minute deadline for work. But with access to the attic coming directly from the baby’s room, the bat issue got top priority. If you have never had a bat problem, you may be unaware that there are certain times of year where you cannot remove bats because it’s mating season and baby bats may be impacted. Luckily, after a full inspection we learned the bats weren’t yet actually inside our attic, but outside the house living under the ledge of the roof. So by sealing off the house, we can prevent them from coming in and I can sleep again without fearing my children (and newborn) will need a series of rabies shots. Nothing like some crazy high stress levels to induce labor, right?!

here comes baby number three

So with everything going on, I don’t feel ready for the baby. If I look at it objectively, we have what we need. This isn’t our first rodeo so we should know what to do. But I can’t say it wouldn’t be nice to have a few calm, quiet days to relax before she comes. So the next few days are devoted to wrapping up work projects, getting in as many cuddles as I can with my two favorite boys, trying to catch up on sleep, and maybe….just maybe… deciding on a name. So if it’s a little quiet on the blog for a bit you understand why 😉


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