the best diet for weight loss for fast weight loss results

The Best Diet for Weight Loss

the best diet for weight loss for fast weight loss results

If you have been trying to lose weight, you are probably wondering what is the best diet for weight loss and how you can follow it to see fast results. Well you’re in luck because today I am revealing the number one best diet for weight loss that is guaranteed to bring you lasting weight loss results.

US News & World Report just released their top picks for the best diets for weight loss in 2019.  Not surprising, the Mediterranean diet tops the list. This meal plan which incorporates lean proteins like fish, nuts, seeds, lentils, beans, and healthy plant-based fats like olive oil has been found in study after study to improve health outcomes. Everything from heart disease to type 2 diabetes risk can be reduced following this style of eating.

But even with all of the research behind it, in my professional opinion, the Mediterranean is not the best diet for weight loss. Shocked?! Don’t be – here’s the thing… ‘diets’ don’t work for a reason. You can’t one day decide to transform your entire lifestyle & eating habits to match a cookie-cutter plan and expect success no matter how great the plan might be. Sure, you may have success for a while, but chances are after a few weeks or a few months you won’t be able to maintain it. That’s because you didn’t make realistic dietary changes that fit your own individual needs.

Don’t get me wrong. You can lose weight and it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can see fast, lasting weight loss results too. But you have to go about it in a smart way.

The best diet for weight loss. … for YOU

No matter what diet for decide to follow, you have to be honest with yourself. What changes can you see yourself making for life? When we talk about diets and lifestyle change, I find most of my clients get overwhelmed because they think about it in the wrong way. They think a ‘lifestyle change’ means they need to change their whole life. No one can do that in one big swoop! Instead think about it differently.

A lifestyle change is a change so small, so easy you can stick with it For LIFE without much effort. When you make true lifestyle changes, they feel effortless & you can stick with them. That’s what brings lasting weight loss results.

So this year, don’t make a resolution to diet. Don’t jump on the latest ‘best diet of the year’ trend. Make a lifestyle change you can envision yourself following for….*drumroll* for life!

Deciding on the best lifestyle changes for weight loss success

How do you know what lifestyle changes to focus on for the most success? Which ones will bring you the fastest weight loss progress? Or the biggest health benefits? The answer isn’t as complicated as what it seems. The key to success is in consistency. So whatever change you can make & stick with, that’s what will bring you the most success.

When choosing a dietary change to make, be sure to select changes that are based on credible research. No you don’t need to avoid every carb to lose weight successfully. You also don’t need to avoid every processed food known to man. What you want to do is look at the dietary changes that offer lasting health benefits and pick the ones that seem most appealing to you.

Of all of the trending nutrition topics out there, only some are backed by a large amount of scientific research to show that they truly impact health in a positive way. On the top of the lists is increasing your intake of plant-based food. Think about it – when you eat more plants, you automatically eat more fiber. You also increase your intake of antioxidants. And typically plant-based foods are higher in volume with fewer calories- so you feel more satisfied taking in fewer calories & naturally lose weight as a result.

The benefit of increasing fiber rich foods is tremendous. As you increase your fiber intake, you can lose weight, lower cholesterol, and even help to improve blood sugar control. On top of it, a high fiber diet helps to promote a health balance of the good bacteria in your gut which can impact everything from your immune system to your body weight.

So why not start there? Can you think of an easy way you can add few more plant-based foods into your day? It could be as simple as adding blueberries onto your cereal in the morning? Or swapping that slice of cheese on your sandwich for a slice of avocado.

the best diet for weight loss how to lose weight successfully

Think small. The smaller you make your goals, the more likely you are to stick with them, and the greater your success will be!