Mommy Food Finds: Dr. Praeger’s Kale Veggie Burger

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I am pretty sure daycare thinks I am crazy when I send Joey to school with meals like kale burgers, but he loves them! And I want to encourage him to keep eating his greens as he gets older. I really enjoy kale, but sometimes I run out of ways to prepare it. I came across the Dr. Praeger’s brand of Kale Veggie Burgers in the frozen food section the other day, and they peaked my interest. After the huge success of the Spinach Kale Bites, I figured I would give these a shot.

Dr. Praeger’s foods are typically lower in sodium then many other frozen foods, and these burgers don’t disappoint. They contain only 250 mg of sodium per burger (which is much less than many other veggie burgers). They also added quinoa to the burger for a source of protein. When you look at the ingredient list, it’s all ingredients you recognize and only whole foods and seasonings. Looking at the list, I could probably figure out how to make these on my own (but it really is a huge time saver to keep these in the freezer on busy days).

To prepare, you can microwave, bake in the oven, or heat in a skillet. I made them in the oven mostly after finding they are a bit too mushy in the microwave. They smell great (even my non-kale eating husband thought they smelled great although he wouldn’t actually try them), and I was very happy with the taste. I wasn’t sure how Joey would react, but he ate them faster than I have ever seen him eat anything else! He ate an entire burger himself and was looking for more. They were a huge hit! I will definitely be buying these again!

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