Friday Fitness Challenge: Walking Lunges

Friday is here again and it’s time to switch up your workout to maximize your results! If you are already walking for exercise, challenge yourself further by adding these walking lunges to the mix (this exercise is a sneak peak from my new book Walking Off The Weight For Dummies available for pre-order now). These are easy to perform and help to increase your heart rate and challenge your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core.

Here’s how to get started:


As you walk, slow down your pace. Stand with good posture and place your hands on your hips. Take a large step forward with one leg while lifting up onto the ball of your foot with your back leg. As you do this, keep your chest lifted and shoulders back. Your hips should be lowering to the ground and not moving forward. Watch that your knee does not pass over your toe and that your back knee does not touch the ground. Now, press up with your front leg and bring your back leg forward. You can now repeat this lunge on the opposite leg. Continue to repeat one leg after the other.

Aim to add in walking lunges for 1 full minutes for every 10 minutes of your walk. If you really feel up to the challenge, add in a walking lunge every 5 minutes.

Let me know how you do with your #WalkOffTheWeight challenge!

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