I’m SO Glad Daddy Taught You That

My husband is a wonderful father and has a great time playing with Joey. I am so thankful that he takes such an active role in being a parent and love watching them bond. However, there are some days (especially on days when I work and he watches Joey), that I have to wonder what exactly he was thinking.

Look mom- no hands!

Joey is at that age right now where he wants to imitate everything you do. I love it and think it’s adorable. However, we do have to be cautious in what we show him how to do, since he will, without a doubt, try it on his own. Joey’s a climber- he tries to climb everything. So when daddy showed him how to climb up onto the couch (with assistance since he isn’t tall enough to do it on his own yet), it was cute. What wasn’t cute was the next day, when daddy wasn’t there. Joey would walk over to the couch, lift his leg to try to climb it, and scream in frustration until I helped him get up there. And this repeated itself over and over again, day after day. The best part is that he also tries to dive off the couch head first after getting up there. Hey- at least I am getting an arm workout!

Another great trick daddy has taught Joey took a little while to train him. But now, after a week or so of teaching him, Joey now growls and laughs with delight anytime he passes gas. Even when I lay him down to bed at night, if he passes gas, he opens his eyes and laughs. It is pretty funny now, but I am thinking it’s not going to be so cute when he does it in public at daycare, or say a place like church. Oh well, I guess boys will be boys right? I will just “unteach” him that one when he gets a little older and understands me better ☺

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