yogurt parfait best snacks for busy people

The Top 5 Best Snack Ideas for Busy People

on the go snack ideas for busy people yogurt
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The other day, I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. The morning started out well…I got the kids off to school on time and was plowing away at my work projects. But a few hours in, my body started to shake, my eyes felt heavy, and a fog filled my head to where I could barely think straight.Not knowing why I felt so terrible, I decided to make myself a cup of tea. But right when I opened the microwave to warm up the water, I understood what my problem was. Inside was the breakfast I had planned to eat… the one I warmed up at 6am. I had been so busy making sure everyone else was fed and taken care of that I completely forgot to feed myself. And right then I realized that I have to start planning quick & nutritious snacks and meals to have on hand every day, so I never feel so awful again.

The best on the go snacks to stock up on

When I discovered Light & Fit® was launching a new Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt, I knew that this was definitely a food I needed to stock up on. Not only is this yogurt a delicious blend of sweet and tart (which is pretty much a requirement for all of my snacks), but it also has this amazing creamy, thick texture which just feels so indulgent. In one 90 calorie serving (5.3 ounces) it provides 15-16 grams of protein depending on the flavor, 7-8 grams of carbohydrate, and 0 grams of fat, making it a nutritionally balanced food that works great alone as a snack or paired with fruit and a grain for a quick meal.

In addition to the nutrition benefits, what I love most is how easy and convenient the new Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt is to eat. It’s so easy to take with me on the go – whether I’m eating at my desk or bringing it with me in the car to eat in between meetings. And since it comes in four great flavors – Plain, Vanilla Chai, Blueberry Acai and Peach Passion Fruit – I never get bored.

Top on-the-go snack ideas for busy people

To make sure I don’t go too long without eating again – and feel awful because of it – I’ve put together five on-the-go snack combinations I rely on to get me through almost any situation that pops up. And no matter how busy you are (or what food you are craving) these ideas can work for you too.

#1 The sweet & creamy morning indulgence

healthy on the go snack ideas for busy people

I’m not sure if it is just me, but when the morning is a hectic craze of trying to get everyone out the door on time, I desperately want to take a few minutes to myself to relax. And when I actually do get a chance to sit for a minute, I crave something indulgent. But instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or another sweet treat with little nutritional value, I open up a deliciously creamy Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt. Then I eat it slowly, savoring every bite of its thick sweet and tart flavor. And when I am done, I feel back on track and ready to take on my day… no matter how chaotic it gets!

#2 The salty & sweet crunch

Fruit Chocolate Trail Mix

Have you ever been stuck running from one meeting to the next with no time to stop in between? Me too. And when this happens, if I don’t remember to pack food with me, I don’t get time to eat …and I become a hangry mess that can’t concentrate because I’m too distracted by how hungry I am. So that’s why I make it a habit to whip up a batch of my favorite salty and sweet trail mix at the start of my week. The combination of dried fruit, nuts, and popcorn provide a satisfying boost of fiber and since the whole recipe is shelf-stable, I can keep a bag with me in my purse or car and never worry about it going bad.

#3 The bento box combo

healthy bento box idea for busy people

I’ve noticed when I get really busy, the variety in my diet decreases. I tend to eat the same few foods over and over again because it’s easy and it saves me time on meal prep. But eventually, that gets really boring & I find I don’t feel satisfied after eating – I start to crave all of the less nutritious foods that I usually try to limit in my diet… like cookies, cake, and ice cream. So I started packing my snacks in small bento boxes to help me be more creative. Using the compartmentalized lunch box lets me pack a variety of options so I never get bored. I tend to use the formula of filling my box with a vegetable, a fruit, and a protein which keeps it pretty simple to plan, but allows for almost limitless options.

#4 The protein-packed parfait

yogurt parfait best snacks for busy people

I am a big fan of snacking at night. Maybe it’s because I tend to eat dinner pretty early with three young kids, but if I don’t have an evening snack, I tend to wake up incredibly hungry. So about an hour before bed, I like to eat something – although what that ‘something’ is varies a lot depending on what’s in the house and what I am in the mood for. But almost always, I want my nighttime snack to be something sweet. And that’s why I love making a yogurt parfait. The layers of creamy, tangy sweetness along with crunch satisfy my desire for both a sweet & crunchy snack, but in a nutritious way. My current go-to parfait is a layering of strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, and Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt.

#5 The Homemade Snack Bar

Homemade Sweet & Salty Nut Bars copycat kind bar recipe

I don’t know about you, but on busy days I love grabbing a snack bar to eat on the go. The problem is that many of the bars on the market are not as healthy as we’d like or can be pricey. So I decided to make my own. It took me a little while to figure out a recipe that held together, but once I did, I created a bar just as tasty as the store-bought ones and about one-quarter of the cost. I recommend making a batch in bulk and then storing them for the days you need something quick and crunchy on the go.

the best snack ideas for busy people