Sleep Deprivation Can Do Funny Things


I love to sleep. I almost always got my 8 hours of sleep before our baby was born (except during pregnancy- thanks heartburn). Because of that, I never really dealt with sleep deprivation before and didn’t know how it would affect me. Let’s just say, it wasn’t an easy adjustment.

I have never been so tired as I was after Joey was born. He needed to eat almost hourly (and would take a freakin hour to eat), which led to a never ending feeding cycle. Couple this with his lack of napping or nighttime sleeping (unless of course he was being held), and we were a mess. I don’t think I spoke in coherent sentences most of the time and my memory was entirely shot. We are still very much sleep deprived, but since every few days now Joey gives us a glimmer of home with a long nap (longer than 30 minutes with him is a win in our book) or sleeping in until 4am, we now are functioning slightly better.

But one weird side effect of being so sleep deprived is what I have been apparently doing in my sleep. Twice now, my husband has sent me a text in the morning to say “do you remember when you woke me up last night?” Of course, I don’t. But apparently one night I woke him up because I wouldn’t stop petting his arm. When he asked me what I was doing, I told him I was petting the gorilla I had brought home. WTH? This week he insists I woke him up to yell at him saying “look how you are sleeping! You will squish Joey sleeping like that!” Now, Joey was not in our bed and my husband was actually sleeping in a normal position on his back. Why I am apparently having these crazy dreams I have no idea. Possibly lack of sleep, possibly crazy mommy brain, or of course, since I have no memory of these things happening, it’s possible my husband is actually the one having crazy dreams from sleep deprivation and not me.

Let’s see what fun things tonight brings 🙂

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