Why Having a Christmas Birthday is the Best


Almost one year ago, at 7:53pm on Christmas Eve night, we welcomed our little Joey into the world. He was the best Christmas present we could ever ask for. However, whenever someone asks when his birthday is, it’s typically met with a response of “poor kid” or “oh no.” Sure having a Christmas birthday may make it seem as though you will miss out on presents or the benefits of a birthday on another day, but I think there’s many positives as well. As Joey gets older, I plan to just highlight the many benefits a Christmas birthday brings, so he can see just how wonderful a gift he was to our family!

The Top 10 Reasons Having a Christmas Birthday is the Best!

  1. You will always be off of school (and when you get older, most likely work as well)
  2. Everyone is in a festive spirit on your birthday and the days leading up to it.
  3. There’s thousands and thousands of songs devoted to your birthday, and not just one like everyone else gets.
  4. The entire world is lit up and decorated during your birthday.
  5. You most likely will always get to see your family on your birthday and celebrate with them.
  6. You won’t just get to have birthday cake on your birthday, but instead a huge selection of desserts, not to mention an elaborate spread of dinner foods at your family’s Christmas celebration.
  7. You can decorate your whole house and leave the decorations up for more than just one day.
  8. No one will forget your birthday since the date is easy to remember.
  9. Your family can spend the whole day celebrating with you since they are all off of work as well- meaning you get a special birthday breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
  10. You will always be a reminder to your parents what matters the most on Christmas and what really makes the best present of all!

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