Motherhood is So Glamorous

Before becoming a mother, it was rare I would have a day with three to four wardrobe changes. However, since having my baby, this is a regular occurrence. I feel like some sort of celebrity, constantly putting on one outfit and an hour later changing it entirely, and repeating this over and over again. Except I am not changing into glamorous outfits or making repeat changes for a photo shoot. Instead, these wardrobe changes are a bit more impromptu if you will. For instance, let’s take yesterday for example.

I woke up, got ready for the day, made Joey breakfast and was instantly covered in mashed banana. A few hours later, after a wardrobe change, I found myself covered yet again in banana. But this time it wasn’t thanks to Joey testing out his throwing arm from the highchair. No, this time was much, much better. He vomited the banana (and cereal and eggs) all over me. As I stripped both him and me down and ran around the house practically naked (and hoping no one was coming to the door or looking in the windows), I was able to at least take solace in the fact that I would yet again be able to try out a new outfit.

After quickly selecting another ensemble to wear, I realized maybe I should just have stayed undressed as I was quickly covered in poop thanks to an exploding diaper. After yet another load of laundry, a new outfit, and a quick dinner, it was finally bedtime for Joey (and bath time for me!).

Just another day in the land of motherhood – and yet, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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