I have so much to learn about raising a boy!


Saturdays I work in the morning and my husband and Joey have “guy time.” Other than my father, I grew up with only girls, so I am not quite versed in what “guy time” really is. I guess I will be finding out shortly though!

This past Saturday while I was working, I get a text from my husband with a video of Joey drinking his iced tea. Although the video of him submerging his entire face into the bottle and lapping up the liquid like a puppy was very funny, last thing my never-sleeping toddler needs is caffeine (or added sugars). So I texted back asking him to not give him anymore. So a few minutes go by and I get another text “he cried like crazy when I took it away, but we went into the bathroom to spit into the toilet together and he’s happy now.” WTH?! I’m glad he’s happy now, but seriously- spitting into the toilet is entertainment? And I thought the grossest thing yet was Joey learning to spit and showing me on our wood floors (which he then proceeded to try and lick back up!). I have so much to learn about raising boys!

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