Workout Wednesday: Squats with Your Baby

Looking to tone your thighs and tighten your glutes, then squats are your answer. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, don’t worry. Your baby makes the best personal trainer (and a great weight as well!). Follow these steps to perform the perfect baby-wearing squat for fast results.

  1. Wearing your baby in front (facing out for older babies or facing in for younger babies), stand with your legs slightly straddles and feet slightly turned out, your arms can go out to the side or you can hold your baby’s hands as well.
  2. Slowly sit back, like you would lower yourself into a chair (don’t lean forward). As you lower down, make sure that your knees don’t pass over your toe line and keep your glutes tight and abdominals pulled in.
  3. When your thighs are almost parallel to the, you can hold the position and lightly bounce for a count of five to further engage your inner thighs and core.
  4. Slowly rise back up to your starting position, and repeat for 15 repetitions.

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