Am I Raising a Baby or an Animal?

bearHave you ever asked yourself this question about your child? I hope I’m not the only one! I think my son is the cutest thing ever and I love him dearly. But at times, I really wonder if he’s a baby or an animal haha. It’s funny, but when I talk to people who have pets, Joey really does seem to have so much in common with their animals! I guess babies and pets really are quite similar!

I’m not sure exactly when it started, maybe around 6 months old, but Joey figured out how to growl. It’s a crazy, deep growl at times. And rarely is it an angry growl. Instead he growls when he’s excited, when he’s laughing, or even when he wants to show affection. I love his growl, but when he starts to loudly growl as we shop for groceries, I do get quite the stares from those around us!

Growling isn’t the only reason I feel as though Joey’s an animal sometimes. For instance, try feeding him. He grabs the spoon and won’t let go, leading to food being splattered everywhere (I feel like I’m fighting with a dog over a bone with the spoon fights). He loves to bite any type of cloth and carry it around in his mouth. For instance, if I’m folding laundry, he will come over, put a washcloth in his mouth, and carry it away! We find it hilarious, but really, I would expect this more from a puppy than my baby. Oh well, I love him and he’s a happy little guy- even if he does seem to be part animal!

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