Celebrate National Watermelon Day with this Watermelon Martini Yogurt Parfait

IMG_7107Today is National Watermelon Day, so why not celebrate with a watermelon martini? Sounds great right? Well since it’s only Monday, I didn’t think knocking back a few real martinis would be a good idea (although I was tempted!). Instead, I decided to make this super easy Watermelon Yogurt Parfait in a martini glass. Sometimes just putting my food or drink in a fancy glass makes me feel happy J

To make, simply layer low fat Greek yogurt along with cubed watermelon in your favorite glass and serve chilled. I brought my parfait out on the deck this morning to enjoy the nice weather while I ate it. My neighbors probably think I was starting my celebration a little too early if they saw me with a martini glass before 9am, but that’s ok. It tasted great!

Take time to enjoy some watermelon today to celebrate. And remember, watermelon isn’t just water and sugar like many people think. It’s actually a nutrient powerhouse backed full of vitamin A, vitamin C, and according to the National Watermelon Promotion Board, it contains more lycopene than any other fruit of vegetable. So add it to salads, yogurt, or even grill it! How will you enjoy your watermelon today?


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