Avocado, tuna and tomato salad.

Seven Omega-3 Rich Lunch Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Are you struggling to come up with a variety of brown bag lunch ideas now that school is back in session? I usually start out the first week with lots of creativity and then after a few days of packing lunches, I run out of ideas. Sound familiar? To help you out (as well as myself) I decided to round up seven easy to make brown bag lunch ideas that your whole family will love. And these aren’t just any lunches. Each option is packed full of brain-boosting EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

Disclosure: This blog post is a collaboration with GOED. All opinions are 100% my own.

The majority of us take in too little of these vital fatty acids, yet they are so important for health as well as cognitive development, learning, and memory retention. The body does not efficiently produce EPA and DHA on its own, so we have to take in enough from our diet or a high-quality supplement.  DHA, which makes up a significant percentage of fat in the brain, is a building block of the brain. We need these fatty acids all throughout our life. For babies, DHA is critical for cognitive development and is passed from mother to fetus via the placenta and in breast milk for nursing infants. DHA is also found in most infant formulas. Even in parents and older adults, research shows that DHA, alone or combined with EPA, contributes to improved memory function. Helping your family to eat food rich in DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids may help to promote health as well as enhance learning throughout the day.

Omega-3 Rich Brown Bag Lunches Ideas for Every Member of Your Family

Whether you are packing a bento box full of finger foods for your toddler at daycare, enticing your teen to try some sushi, or looking for a nutrient-dense lunch for yourself at work, these options offer something for every member of your family.

Omega-3 Finger Food Lunch Options for Toddler and Grade School Kids

Fish Nugget Food Art
What could be more fun to eat than a colorful, ocean inspired lunch! Although fish nuggets are not always a high source of EPA and DHA, they can be a good way to introduce your young children to fish. Try using these bite sized options as a gateway to get your little one to explore additional sources of seafood in the diet.Bite sized fish nuggets make the perfect finger food for little hands.

Fish Nugget Food Art

Tuna Fish Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread

Sick of the monotony of the standard brown bag sandwich rotation of PB&J, turkey, and cheese? Your child probably is too! Why not switch it up with a refreshing tuna salad sandwich. You can even try mixing the tuna with different options, such as plain Greek yogurt, salsa, or even mustard for a variety of flavor options to please every taste preference.

Chunky Tuna Salad Sandwich

Omega-3 Rich High School Brown Bag Lunch Options

Sushi Rolls

It can be hard at times to sell your teen on carrying a lunch to school versus buying one in the cafeteria. But who can resist a seafood sushi platter?

Set of sushi in black plastic box

Seafood Wraps

When it comes to getting your teen to eat a well-balanced lunch, providing an on-the-go option is essential. Wraps make the perfect option and allow for endless combinations to prevent lunchtime boredom.

Bagel with Lox

Bagels with lox aren’t just for breakfast. This delicious omega-3 rich combo can be enjoyed any time of day.

Homemade Bagel and Lox with Cream Cheese, Capes, and Dill

Adult-Friendly Omega-3 Rich Lunch Ideas

Seafood Stuffed Avocado

Why should the kids have all the fun – not to mention the brain boost? In just a few minutes, you can whip up a nutrient-dense brown bag lunch that will help you power through the workday. Try stuffing an avocado with seafood salad for a creamy, filling option that is definitely not boring.

Avocado, tuna and tomato salad.

Crab Cakes

Skip the burger and swap it for a delicious crab cake instead. Packed full of lean protein and omega-3s, it’s a winning lunch combo you will love.

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