8 Nutritionist Approved Breakfast Hacks You Will Love

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A balanced breakfast sets the stage for the rest of the day. But as much as I know I need to eat a nutritionally sound breakfast, as a mom of two, mornings never seem to go as planned (except that we will be late getting out the door- I can always plan on that). That’s why I rely on Dannon Light & Fit Original Greek Yogurt as my go-to option for making busy mornings less stressful. Whether I am grabbing a pre-portioned cup on the go to pair with a piece of fruit and some cereal or I am blending it into my favorite make-ahead breakfast recipe, my refrigerator is always stocked with Light & Fit.

And it’s not just me who relies on yogurt to cut stress on busy mornings. I have partnered with Dannon Light & Fit to reach out to some of my favorite dietitian friends to get the low-down on their favorite #BreakfastHacks to see how they incorporate yogurt into their morning routines to make the start of their day a little less stressful.  So why do dietitians love Greek yogurt so much? As a nutrient-dense food that tastes delicious and often contains a good source of protein (with Greek yogurt containing more protein than most regular yogurts) and calcium – there is little not to love. On top of that, yogurt is such a versatile food – you can eat it alone, pair it with your favorite foods, or use it as an ingredient in recipes from baked goods to desserts. I personally am a huge fan of Dannon Light & Fit since they offer so many delicious varieties I never get bored of my breakfast choices and their better for your options fit any active lifestyle.

From smoothies, to pancakes, to muffins, and everything in between, your breakfast options with yogurt are limitless.

Easy Greek Yogurt Whole Grain Pancakes

So what’s my favorite yogurt breakfast hack? It has to be my Easy 4 Ingredient Greek Yogurt Pancakes. Not only is this recipe so simple to make, you can whip up a batch anytime and store them in the refrigerator or freezer to simply reheat for those hectic mornings where you just don’t have time to cook.


Banana Berry Carrot Oat Muffins

Muffins can make the perfect grab-and-go breakfast option. This recipe offers protein and calcium from yogurt along with an extra boost of vegetables and fiber from the carrots and oats. Get the recipe


Yogurt is a staple in my home. I add it to most of my on-the-go breakfast options including smoothies and homemade muffins to jincrease the protein content which helps to keep me feeling satisfied so I could go about my busy day without being hungry an hour later.

– Samina Kalloo, RDN, CDN


Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt Bowl

Chocolate for breakfast? Why not! This delicious combo will satisfy your sweet tooth while leaving you feeling satisfied too. Get the recipe!

I love this for breakfast because it provides a filling combo of protein and fiber to keep me satisfied. Chocolate and raspberry is also one of my favorite flavor combinations, and I love that I can enjoy frozen raspberries year-round.


Kale & Lentil Breakfast Bowl

Using ingredients you probably already have on hand, this breakfast bowl is not only delicious, but packed full of filling protein and fiber. Get the recipe

I love eating yogurt for breakfast because it’s so versatile – you can go savory or sweet. I also love that it’s high in protein and easy to grab and go on it’s own or put together a quick breakfast.


Coconut Fruit Tart

Dessert for breakfast? Why not! This delicious treat is packed full of nutritious ingredients to start your day off on a great note. Get the recipe


“This tart is a nice slice to wake up my taste buds and change up my breakfast groove. Yogurt and eggs make a creamy, protein-rich filling. Overall, that this tart has provides protein and fiber and tastes like dessert!”


Breakfast Popsicles

If you feel like your morning smoothie is getting a bit stale, this frozen twist can make any breakfast seem more fun. Get the recipe

I love serving yogurt popsicles at breakfast. It’s a “treat”—but really it’s a yogurt-based recipe is full of nutrients (protein, fat, and calcium) and whole fruit..


Homemade Flavored Yogurt

For even more variety, experiment with adding your favorite in-season fruit to your cup for a flavorful morning treat. Get the recipe

I eat yogurt often for breakfast as it’s a convenient, on-the go way to get protein and calcium, plus I top with raw oats and/or flax, chia or hemp seeds for a crunchy, fiber-filled kick.


Give your favorite recipe a makeover

By using nonfat yogurt in replacement of added fat or sugar in a recipe, you can enjoy the same great taste with a more nutritious result. Get the recipe


I use a combo of Greek yogurt and low fat milk as a lower calorie substitute for buttermilk.

This mouthwatering Whole-Grain Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes from my cookbook The Greek Yogurt Kitchen taste just like buttermilk pancakes, without the buttermilk! Instead I use a combo of Greek yogurt and low fat (1%) milk as a substitute.

-Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN


What are your favorite ways to incorporate yogurt into your morning routine? Let me know by sharing your recipes on Instagram and tagging me @erinpalinskiwade and @LightandFit using hashtag #BreakfastHacks.


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