Seven healthy Halloween Treats the Whole Family Will Love

7 Healthy Halloween Treats Your Family Will Love

October is here which means Halloween is right around the corner. I know one excited three year old that just can’t wait! I’m not sure how Joey became obsessed with this spooky holiday, but he has loved Halloween from before he could even talk. His two year old birthday party was even Halloween themed (and let me tell you, you can score some amazing deals on Halloween decorations when buying them for a Christmas birthday). The love of Halloween runs deep in this household, so we can’t celebrate for only one day. We have to make sure to keep the spirit of Halloween alive all month long and there is no better way to do that than by playing with our food.

Here are some of our all-time favorite Halloween food art creations that I know you will love. Every one of these ‘treats’ are incredibly easy to make and nutritious as well. Your little ones will be so excited by these treats that they won’t even think about the excessive amounts of Halloween candy everywhere this time of year.

7 Healthy Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love More Than Candy

Halloween Food Art Fruit Skeleton

Sometimes you just have to play with your food! Our fruit skeleton for Halloween was so fun to eat! ???????????????? You can substitute for any of your favorite fruits. I used clementines for the ribs, blueberries and grapes for the spine, joints and eyes, and apples for the arms and legs. Sub with pears, peaches, raspberries, or even kiwis. Any fruit (or vegetable) can be added to this creation- which can also make the perfect Halloween fruit platter for your next party!

Cheesy Ghost with Clementine Pumpkins 

Breakfast can be just as spooky as snack time. This ghost is so easy to create and a great way to pack in some protein to keep your little goblin going all day long. To make this, use a spoon to mold your cottage cheese into the shape of a ghost and decorate it with dried fruit for eyes. To make the clementine pumpkins, peel your clementines and insert a whole grain pretzel stick in the top to create an edible stem. Then sit back and enjoy your child’s reaction when they see their ‘spooky’ treat!

Spiderman Vegetable Muffins for Toddlers

Do you have a superhero loving kid who battles you over eating vegetables? Me too! That’s where my inspiration for these Spiderman Vegetable Muffins came from. Because what superhero-loving kid can resist a muffin with spidey sense? ???? ????  Ok maybe these aren’t exactly ‘Halloween’ muffins, but who says your muffins can wear a Halloween costume too? Grab the full recipe here

Greek Yogurt Pretzel Mummy Pops

Halloween is pretty much a code word for chocolate covered everything, including chocolate covered pretzels. I love chocolate as much as the next mom out there, but I don’t want my kids (or myself) eating it all day, every day for the entire month of October. That’s why I created these delicious Mummy Pops as an alternative. This 3-ingredient Halloween dessert recipe is probably the easiest Halloween treat you will ever make! Simply drizzle plain Greek yogurt over pretzel rods, add chocolate chips for eyes, and freeze. In 2 hours, you have a frozen Halloween treat ready to enjoy.

Frozen Halloween Ghost Pops 

Have my creations spooked you yet? ???????????? There are so many ways to incorporate nutritious foods into Halloween treats. One of my favorite healthy Halloween recipes to ever make are these adorable Frozen Halloween Ghost Pops. So simple, so delicious, and so fun to make and eat! The recipe for my Greek Yogurt Banana Pops couldn’t be easier. Just dip your banana into Greek yogurt, add mini chocolate chip ‘eyes’ and freeze until the yogurt hardens. It’s that easy!

To change it up, add some more flavor to these lil ghosts with other toppings like walnuts, sprinkles, toffee or coconut.

Cheese Pumpkin and Witch Peanut Butter Sandwich

Make lunch simple and fun with a witch inspired peanut butter sandwich or jack-o-lantern cut out in cheese! And of course a spooky ghost banana.

Spooky Halloween Bento Box Lunch Box

Halloween fun can travel when you pack a haunted bento box for your favorite little goblin. Toss in a clementine ‘pumpkin,’ use a marker to transform a string cheese into a spooky ghost, and pack in the veggies by transforming my Green Veggie Toddler Muffin recipe into a scary Frankenstein.

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