Workout Wednesday: ‘Round the World Squats with Baby

If you are looking to jumpstart your heart rate while toning your lower and upper body all at once, this is the perfect exercise for you. Using your little one, you will squat and press your way to tighter glutes and quads while also helping to tone and define your upper body and core.

To get started, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Feel should be turned out as if you will be doing a plié. Hold your baby facing away from you, your hands should be under his arms and around his chest (note: this exercise should only be done with older babies who have good head and neck control). Lift your baby up over your head and lower him down to your right knee as you slowly squat down by bending at the knees. As you perform the exercise, make sure to keep your chest and head up and back straight. Now, lift baby up over your head as you straighten your knees. Then lower him down to your left knee as you bend your knees to perform a squat. Repeat this exercise, alternating from one side to the next. Perform this exercise at a quick pace (but not so quick you sacrifice form) to gain a cardio benefit as well.

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