The Woes of a Lollipop Kid


No, I’m not talking about the “lollipop kids” from the Wizard of Oz. I have my own version of a little lollipop at home – my giant headed baby! Since he was born, Joey has a huge head. I don’t think when you look at him his head looks abnormally large, but when you look at his height and weight percentiles versus his head size, it’s pretty obviously he’s a little top heavy. For most of his life, his height and weight measurements have been under the 30th percentile. Most recently his weight is at 18th percentile for age (it’s back up after being sick for a while- he was down under the 10th percentile for a little while!). His height, although we can’t be sure since he never stops moving long enough to get a very accurate measurement, is somewhere between the 7th and 15th percentile. His head, however, is a different story.

Since birth, his head has been consistently between the 95th-99th percentiles. So what does this mean? Basically, he’s shaped like a lollipop- an adorable one, but he’s still a little lollipop kid. It can be tough- getting dressed is no joke. Getting clothing that fits his smaller body but can go over his head is quite a challenge. Very often the pull-over shirts get stuck on his noggin. He’s a big fan of buttons and zippers for that reason.

Even walking and running with an above average head can be a challenge. I actually brought him to the doctor after he had been sick because I was afraid he seemed a bit “woobly” on his feet. The diagnosis- he’s a little tired from being sick and has a huge amount of weight to balance above his shoulders. You can see it when he runs, the faster he goes, the more he starts to lead with his head and before you know it, he topples over.

I’m not too worried. I think his huge head is adorable and just perfect the way it is. In my opinion it’s probably just filled with big brains ☺ Sure he has to buy 2T hats when he’s still in 9-12 month clothes, but that’s OK. Ill take him just the way he is.


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