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Found Weight Loss Review: Is the Found Weight Loss Program Right for You?

Did you know the average adult trying to rein in weight gain has tried 126 diets in their lifetime?! And as shocking as that statistic is, it is even more shocking to realize that all of those attempts at weight loss failed in the end. This solidifies that long-term weight loss is not as simple as eating less and moving more. Calories and good eating habits matter, but so do factors like genetics, gut microbiome, and stress. The Found Weight Loss program claims to address all of these factors. But does it work? Continue reading this dietitian’s Found Weight Loss review to find out.

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This Found Weight Loss review has been sponsored by the Found Weight Loss Program. All opinions are my own.

What is the Found Weight Loss Program?

Have you heard of Found? I had been hearing about this program from clients and reading out it online, so I wanted to dig deeper to see if this program was truly an effective tool when it comes to weight loss and improved health. So what is it? The Found program promotes individualized, medically guided weight loss journeys using an integrative, holistic approach. The focus of the Found Program is to meet you where you are and propel you toward a healthy mind and down a defined wellness path with a personalized program that considers your body, medical history, current medical conditions, and lifestyle. The program is entirely online, which makes it easy and accessible to get the support and advice you need any time of day, no matter where you are, which is a key factor to success when trying to lose weight. It combined lifestyle change along with accountability, support, education, and medications when appropriate for a truly comprehensive approach to long-term weight management.

How Found Works

One of the things I love about this program is how easy it is to use. To join the Found program, you start by visiting their website and taking a brief online health assessment. In just a few minutes, you will input information about your current weight, health, and goals along with questions about your lifestyle and behavior. 

Using the data and information you have provided, Found will determine if you are eligible to participate. If you qualify, you will be matched with a board-certified medical professional to evaluate and manage the addition of weight-loss medications to address body weight at the cellular level without out super-strict dietary restrictions. A comprehensive approach that includes support, education, lifestyle change, and pharmaceutical aid has been shown to offer a high success rate for both weight loss as well as long-term weight management.

A Found membership is much more than just a meal plan or a prescription for weight loss medication. With your membership, you’ll receive access to the Found platform, and this platform is a gold mine of information and support. Within the platform, you are able to set focus goals for yourself that can be adjusted over time. These focus goals help support lifestyle change from mindful eating strategies, to stress management, food choices, and emotional triggers. You can also track your daily progress, which is a huge part of successful behavior change.

The community aspect of Found is also a wonderful resource. Here, you can ask questions and connect with coaches along with other community members to expand your knowledge, ask questions, gain motivation, and stay accountable. And you can use the entire program right from your phone or computer, making it accessible no matter where you are.

Is The Found Weight Loss Progam Worth it?

Woman looking at tablet with Found Weight Loss Program app

As a registered dietitian and diabetes educator, I have had the opportunity to use the Found platform and explore all of the program’s offerings, and I have to say, I am very impressed with my Found review. Although many weight loss programs claim to provide you with the tools and support you need to be successful, they often fall short. But this program truly showcases a high success rate and that’s not surprising based on what it offers.

Found is one of the only programs where you can connect with board-certified clinicians specially trained in weight management along with an engaged supportive community available for messaging right from your phone or computer. In my review of the program, I was pleased to learn it doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach, unlike many online programs. Instead, it allows you to customize your plan and goals to meet your lifestyle. And that customized approach is what allows participants to be so successful.

From my experience, many individuals struggle with weight loss programs due to accessibility, a lack of individual feedback, or lack of support. This program fills in the gaps by making it accessible from your phone or computer, so support is only ever a touch of a button away. In addition, with access to clinicians specializing in weight management, you can be sure you will have access to the most up-to-date information and science.

The community feature is also an incredible benefit as you can ask questions and gain accountability at any time. This means that anytime you hit a roadblock or feel discouraged, you can connect with a community that will motivate you to regroup and get back on track. 

In my Found Weight Loss review, I found the tools offered in this weight loss plan were exactly what I would want to see as a registered dietitian. It addresses the underlying factors that can prohibit successful and sustainable weight loss and blends together medical intervention and behavioral and lifestyle changes in a simplistic way that makes it easy for you to develop healthy habits you can stick with. And those long-term behavior changes are what will set you up for a lifetime of success.

How can I join Found?

If you are ready to try the Found Weight Loss program for yourself, all you need to do is go to the Found website and take the online health assessment.  After sharing information on your weight care goals and lifestyle, you’ll instantly see your results. From there, you will be matched with the Found program and any prescription weight loss medication that best matches your needs if you qualify. 

Once you have your program match,  you can subscribe to the program, download the app, log routines, have routine check-ins, and engage with the Found community. The last step in Found’s unique process is connecting with a board-certified physician. This medical provider will help you determine the right prescription medication support and healthy lifestyle changes for your unique needs and goals.

Found Weight Loss Review: The Bottom Line

As a Registered Dietitian who specializes in weight management and type 2 diabetes, my Found Weight Loss review leaves me feeling the program is a great asset that can help you to meet your health and weight loss goals. 

They combine all the tools of success in one umbrella program with individualized programs, a combination of lifestyle and medical interventions, accessibility to credentialed healthcare experts, and an engaged community to support you on your progress. 

I definitely see why their members have had such great success. This program is not set up so that you can just achieve your goal weight. It is set up so you can achieve your healthiest self and maintain the results for life. If you struggle with obesity and want to try out the Found weight loss program for yourself, just head to JoinFound.com website, take the brief assessment and see if you qualify.

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