Pinterest FAIL Chocolate Leprechaun Hat Dessert to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!


Happy “Erin Go Bragh” Day! How can I not celebrate today? I’m Irish AND my name means Ireland! Of course I have to do something special for the day. So, what did I decide to do? Well I turned to Pinterest of course for some fancy dessert ideas. I came across the very simple idea of turning marshmallows and cookies into adorable leprechaun hats. SO easy right? I even made a Vine video to show how easy these were to make:

Well, here’s the problem. Making a shamrock out of icing is not easy. It’s a freakin’ pain in the *@*!**. I bought the tiny tube of frosting. I practiced on a plate first. Seemed simple enough. I go to frost the hats and the icing just bleeds everywhere. It looks more like a green blob than a shamrock. So after 3 hats, I said “forget this” and just added the green trim around the bottom. Even that made me feel like I was going to get carpal tunnel syndrome after a while, but the cookies needed something to make them feel Irish!

So here’s my final version of what I like to call my “Pinterest-Fail Drunken Leprechaun Hats”- they taste great!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all- remember everyone is Irish today!

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