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5-Day Passive Income Challenge for Healthcare Professionals

Challenge Terms 


The 5-Day Passive Income Challenge for Healthcare Professionals is completely free to participate in. There is no requirement to purchase any product or service to participate.

Eligible participants will receive $25 for completing the challenge as well as an additional $5 for every eligible healthcare professional they refer (who also successfully completes the 5-day challenge)


Successful Challenge Completion Requirements

  • All participants must meet eligibility requirements in order to qualify for payout from the challenge (scroll to read eligibility requirements)
  • In order to complete the 5-day challenge successfully and qualify for payment, eligible participants need to do the following:
    • Complete the listed challenge task each day ( the exact requirements on each challenge will be listed in each challenge day email, please read them carefully)
    • Provide a screenshot or other form of documentation to verify the challenge has been complete
    • Submit all materials via the TASK SUBMISSION FORM within 7 days from receiving the Day 5 challenge email. 


Referral Payout Requirements

  • In order to receive credit for a referral to the challenge, the participant who has been referred will need to include the referrer’s name and email in the Task Submission Form when submitting their completed challenge.
  • Referrers will only receive credit for eligible referrals who complete the full challenge as outlined with the timeline guidelines (the TASK SUBMISSION FORM needs to be completed within 7 days from receiving the final Day 5 challenge email) and have identified them as the referral on the Task Submission Form.
  • Participants who have been referred will also receive a one-time $5 bonus payout to encourage them to correctly provide their referral source.


Participant Eligibility

  • In order to participate in the 5-Day Passive Income Challenge for Healthcare Professionals, you must be an active, qualified healthcare professional.
  • To qualify for the $25 payout for completing the challenge, participants must not already have a Fullscript account.
  • Healthcare professionals who are not eligible for the $25 payout may still participate in the challenge without monetary compensation and may still earn a $5 referral credit for each qualified referral who successfully completes the challenge. 


Payout Information and Requirements 

  • Eligible participants who successfully complete the full challenge and submit proof of completion via the Task Submission Form, will receive a $25 completion reward sent via Venmo to the email address provided on the form.
  • Referral credits will be accumulated and paid out monthly. 
  • Payments will be sent out on the 15th of the month.
  • Participants understand that any compensation received is taxable and must be claimed as taxable income. Vernon Nutrition Center, LLC is not responsible for withholding any taxable income.