MTE drink in yellow and green bottle

Should I try MTE drink? A Dietitian’s Review

MTE drink in yellow and green bottle

MTE, also known as the ‘feel good shot,’ is the next-generation of energy drink that provides a mix of adaptogens, superfoods, and nootropics that aims to improve focus, energy, and performance without the jitters super-caffeinated energy drinks can provide. 

But what is MTE drink and does it really work? Let’s take a look.

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What is MTE?

MTE energy drink bottles

MTE was born from the idea that a supplement was needed that could be taken regularly to allow you to be well and to feel good. The brand’s goal was to create a quick, easy-to-digest, liquid supplement that would aim to reduce fatigue and stress while elevating mood.

With a blend of adaptogens to reduce stress and nootropics to support focus, mood, and energy, MTE promotes the notion that a supplement truly can provide feel-good energy while also boosting mood, reducing stress, and improving motivation and focus. 

MTE drink is a small, 2 ounce liquid shot, that can be taken at once or mixed into your favorite smoothie for a powerful punch of nutrition and sustainable energy. 

What are the benefits of MTE?

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MTE boosts seven benefits of their supplement drink, with the biggest focus being that the liquid shot can offer positive side effects without negative downsides, such as jitters, that often result from energy drinks and other similar supplements. Let’s take a look at each benefit claim and how MTE works:

Energy- Many energy drinks provide high levels of caffeine, however this can backfire. Large amounts of caffeine can cause jitterniness, feelings of anxiousness, and even spike blood sugar levels in some individuals. However, MTE provides energy from another source. The combination of adaptagens to offset stress hormones such as cortisol along with increasing dopamine’s ability to engage motivation work together to provide steady energy along with improved sleep, which allows you to feel your best without the jitters.

Focus- When you think about improving focus, you first have to think about what interrupts it. And that is often stress, poor sleep, and poor nutrition. To combat this, MTE combines six adaptagens and nootropics that work together to calm anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce stress so that you can focus better.

Mood- Think about the last time you were in a bad mood. Chances are you were also tired or stressed out. When you improve your overall wellness and address sleep, stress, and energy, you can naturally begin to improve mood. And that’s the benefit that MTE offers. By incorporating ingredients that have been proven to improve mood, such as l-theanine, along with nutrients such GABA which calms anxiety and promote improved sleep, you start to elevate mood and begin to feel like your best self.

Sleep- Sleep is key to overall health. Without quality rest, stress is amplified, mood sours, and health declines. However, research shows that specific nutrients can play a role in improving both quality and quantity of sleep. The key is to incorporate nutrients that promote sleep, but leave you feeling groggy the next morning. Nutrients including GABA, l-theanine, Affron®, and ashwaganda have all been found to promote improved sleep, and all are included in the MTE liquid shot.

Stress- If you can improve sleep quality and boost overall mood, it becomes much easier to handle the stressors of the day. This is known as improving stress tolerance or stress reliance. The ingredients found in MTE can help to support stress tolerance by allowing your body to better fact the day to day stressors or life while also helping your body to recover faster from the stress response.

Inflammation- Both acute and chronic inflammation can lead to fatigue, irritability, and poor sleep. In addition, chronic (or ongoing) inflammation can increase the risk of future disease. To prevent this, you want to take steps every day to cool inflammation as much as possible. MTE includes a blend of antioxidants, polyphenols, and adapotegns that help to reduce oxidative stress which can lead to inflammation.

Immunity- The goal of any health change is to ultimately strengten your immune system to protect against future disease. However, high levels of stress, poor sleep, and inadequate diet can all weaken the immune response. MTE helps to support lifestyle factors, such as sleep, mood, and stress reducation, to help support your body so that your immune system can function at its peak. 

MTE Ingredients

MTE ingredients

Many of the ingredients found in MTE work in multiple ways to support the seven primary benefits of the supplement. Let’s take a deeper look into what these some of these ingredients are an how they work to better understand the benefits they may offer.


This adaptogen comes from a small, evergreen shrub that grows in India, Africa, and the Middle East. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety, and fatigue.  Ashwagandha contains a number of active compounds, including withanolides, which are thought to be responsible for its health benefits.


L-theanine is an amino acid found in some plant and fungal species, including green tea, that has been shown to promote relaxation and improve cognitive function. It works by increasing the production of alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with a relaxed state of alertness. L-theanine also increases the levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation.

This amino acid has been shown to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and improving sleep quality while also playing a roll in improved cognitive functioning.


Teacrine, a compound found in several species of tea and coffee as well as chocolate, is structurally similar to caffeine, but it has some key differences. It is not a stimulant, and it does not cause dependence or tolerance like caffeine. It has been shown to boost energy, focus, and mood without the crash often associated with caffeine. 


Eleuthero is an adaptogen that comes from a small shrub native to Russia and other parts of Northern Asia that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to boost energy, improve immune function, and reduce stress.


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system (CNS). Naturally produced in the body, it acts as a chemical messenger that helps to calm the brain and nervous system by binding to receptors on nerve cells, which slows down the transmission of nerve signals. This can help to reduce anxiety, stress, and promote relaxation. GABA may also help to improve sleep quality and reduce muscle tension.

Is MTE a better alternative to energy drinks?

MTE vs other energy drinks

When you think of the most popular energy drinks on the market, most rely on large quantities of caffeine to provide a burst of energy. However, there is a downside to this. 

A high intake of caffeine can lead to feelings of anxiousness, jitters, and -if taken too late in the day – trouble sleeping at night. On top of that, your body can build a tolerance to caffeine, which means that over time, you will need more caffeine in order to gain the same benefits. And for some individuals, high levels of caffeine can spike blood sugar levels.

As a better alternative, the blend of ingredients in MTE can support steady energy with minimal caffeine. Just one serving (2 ounces) contains only 50mg of caffeine, which is less than you’d find in one cup of coffee. Comparatively, an average energy drink can contain between 200-350mg of caffeine in one serving!

MTE is also superior to energy drinks for another reason. Instead of focusing soley on boosting short term energy, MTE is designed to address the cause of underlying fatigue. 

By improving sleep quality, increasing stress tolerance, and elevating mood, you can gain sustained energy without the crash and without the depenancy that can occur from regular energy drink consumption. 

The biggest downside to MTE vs energy drinks is taste. MTE has a strong, earthy flavor which is meant to be consumed as a ‘shot’ and not sipped on and enjoyed like an energy drink or flavored coffee. If your main goal is taste, then MTE may not be the right fit. However, if the results are more important to you, the taste is certainly outweighed by the positive impact it can have on mood and energy.

Can MTE benefit blood sugar

Person checking blood sugar levels

When it comes to blood sugar management, energy drinks are typically frowned upon as the excessive caffeine can trigger spikes in blood sugar (even in sugar-free options). However, MTE acts differently, which may allow it to provide benefits when it comes to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Elevated blood sugar levels can be attributed to a number of factors, and poor sleep quality and stress top the list. If you are experiencing insomnia, fatigue, or high stress levels, the nutrients found in MTE may help to combat these issues, which in turn may help to reduce blood sugar levels.

When compared to typical energy drinks, the two ounce liquid MTE supplement is also significantly lower in calories, carbohydrate, and sugar. One serving of MTE (2 ounces) provides just 35 calories along with 8 grams of carbohydrate. Energy drinks, however, can range from 150-220 calories and 27-32 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

Keep in mind, blood sugar balance varies from person to person. Before adding any supplement to your routine, you should check with your personal physician and dietitian for guidance to ensure there is no interaction between any medication you take and supplement you may consider taking, such as MTE. In addition, when adding a supplement such as MTE, test your blood sugar levels frequently to monitor your individual response. 

Who should avoid MTE?

MTE can offer a variety of benefits, however it is not appropriate for everyone. If you currently have a medical condition or are taking any medications or supplements, it is important to always discuss with your physician first whether adding MTE is appropriate for you. You and your physician should discuss is there is any possible interaction between your current medications and supplements and the ingredients found in MTE. 

The ingredients in MTE have not been studied long term in women who are pregnant or nursing, or in children, so for that reason, it would not be recommended for these populations.

How do you drink MTE?

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MTE is designed to use as a daily supplement, rather than a one-time, quick fix like many energy drinks offer. To gain the full benefits of energy regulation and stress management, you may find it works best for you to enjoy MTE early in the day, however the timing of when to use it is up to you and what fits your lifestyle best.

MTE is designed to be consumed like a shot, where it is taken all at once instead of sipped on over time. You can enjoy it straight out of the bottle, or incorporate it into a favorite recipe, such as into a smoothie.

The recommended dosage is one MTE per day. You should not exceed two bottles in a 24 hour period.

Where can you buy MTE?

If you are interested in trying MTE for yourself, you can shop for it directly from the company itself. On the brand’s website, you can order a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription for a discounted rate.

The bottom line on MTE

If you are suffering from high stress levels, fatigue, and poor sleep, MTE can be a promising dietary supplement to add to your daily routine.

The ingredients in MTE provide energy support today, while also working foundationally to address the root cause of fatigue, unlike energy drinks which only provide a quick fix but may exacerbate the issue long term. 

Although MTE drink is promising, not all supplements are right for every individual. If you are considering MTE, speak to a qualified health professional first to be sure it is an appropriate supplement for you.

You can learn more about MTE here.

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