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As a highly respected media source and one of the most quoted dietitians in the country, Erin is often called upon by companies and brands to provide her seal of approval to their product. She has a large amount of experience working with PR companies, food and nutrition companies, and production companies, to promote brands via live TV, pre-recorded commercials and webisodes, sponsored TV & radio segments, and via social media. Erin also works often with companies to promote their products and services at tradeshows and speaking engagements as well as through website endorsements and corporate or consumer writing projects. Click here for a list of some of Erin’s most recent media placements.

If you are looking for a relatable spokesperson with a strong TV presence who will deliver your message effectively, look no further! Erin will provide you with an exceptional product that will bring in extraordinary results! See below for examples of Erin’s work as a spokesperson!

“My experience working with Erin has been nothing but wonderful! Her passion for food and nutrition really shines through by her dedication and willingness-to-help mentality. She addresses a challenge with a smile on her face, and there is always integrity behind her work. Erin brings a lot to the table with her knowledge and insights, and her positivity makes her such a pleasure to interact and work with. In any realm, I would recommend Erin as a nutrition expert.”
– Sarah Lewis, MWW

“Erin is a absolute pleasure to work with. She’s a consummate spokeswoman and expert. She makes every segment interesting and answers each question with thoughtfulness and care! very hard to come by when working with on-air experts!”
-Mary Ann Henderson, Plus Media

Erin is a nationally recognized nutrition professional and her expertise is invaluable. She is extremely knowledgeable and a sought after media spokesperson for her expertise on a variety of health topics; especially weight management, diabetes, sports and pregnancy nutrition. She produces high quality work and is a breath of fresh air. Erin is extremely responsive, and really embraces the brand and acts as a true ambassador for the brand and product. It is a pleasure to work with her from start to finish, and I am honored to call her a colleague .
-Kate Wilson, Ketchum PR


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