How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Baby


This title is rather misleading. I have no idea how to take the perfect picture of my baby in spite of many, many tries. My goal today was to get a festive Christmas picture of Joey to send out with our holiday cards. I stocked up on decorations at the dollar store, laid down fake snow, and stuck a Santa hat on my naked baby- a perfect recipe for success right? Yea, not so much. My biggest problem is my super active, super curious baby. He sits still for about 1 second and then he’s off (I think he was a bit scared of the garland though, which helped him stay in place just a little bit longer).

My strategy is to just snap as many photos as possible as fast as I can and hope that one in a hundred is somewhat clear and cute. Sometimes it works, and many times it doesn’t. A few tips I have learned, however, that have helped with getting a few cute images are to:

  • Have a clear background.
  • Have a toy on hand to grab your baby’s attention and hopefully a smile.
  • Plan to take pictures when you baby is well rested.
  • And of course, have lots of patience!

So how did our Christmas photos turn out? Well, as you can see there’s quite a few outtakes, but I have two that are at least clear. Not great, but as good as I am going to get!


Oh well- I did find a Groupon for JCPenny photos, but I am sure I will be talked into purchasing a ridiculous amount of unnecessary photos if I go. Why? Because how can I not purchase every single image of my child. He may have made a slightly different expression in each and every photo and if I don’t buy every single one, I will never have that expression documented. This is my thought process when it comes to photos, and probably why my husband is against me having too many professional photos taken- he knows I’ll bankrupt us with purchasing CDs, prints, and everything else I possible can! 😉

What are your best tips for getting great pictures of your baby?

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