FINALLY there’s a shake I can confidently recommend to my clients for glucose control!

At least once a day I get the same question in my inbox, “What’s the best meal-replacement shake for better blood sugar control?”

 I used to dread this question. 

So many of my clients who struggled to lower fasting blood sugar and A1c levels would spend tons of money on supplements, shakes, and other “natural” products claiming to lower their blood sugar. Believe me when I say, I’ve researched and/or tried almost every meal-replacement shake out there for blood-sugar control. 

There are some shakes out there that help temporarily avoid spikes in blood sugar, but they are almost always short lived. My clients are usually ravenously hungry a few hours later, and most importantly, these shakes aren’t helpful at all for actually reducing glucose levels over time.

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So why don’t these products work for long-term blood sugar control? Because they’re missing the key ingredient that we all need for better blood sugar control — prebiotic fiber, in particular resistant starch

Prebiotic fibers like resistant starch used to be a staple in human diets, before the modern conveniences of food processing took over. Now, the average adult in the US consumes less than half of their daily fiber needs. Yet the science shows us that diets rich in fiber, especially those containing prebiotic resistant starch, can offer incredible health benefits from improved gut health, to lowered body weight, reduced cholesterol, and yes …. improved blood sugar levels.

So, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to get my clients to consume more resistant starch in their diets. But there was a problem. Eating more resistant starch can be a challenge since even healthy foods like vegetables and legumes only contain small amounts of this beneficial fiber. That was until I discovered Muniq.


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‘I finally found a shake that actually works for blood sugar control!’


Muniq shakes are packed full of beneficial prebiotic fibers (15 grams per serving!) and specifically formulated to help people with diabetes to improve blood sugar, reduce A1c and improve weight and digestion by way of strengthening the gut microbiome. Plus, it helps that they are also incredibly convenient to add into your daily routine and taste great too!

As a registered dietician and diabetes educator, my job is to not only focus on how diet can impact glucose control, but also how support, education, and accountability can in fact have a major influence on improving blood sugar over time.  

Muniq smartly pairs its shakes with a private customer community that every Muniq customer receives access to for free with their order. There are many people I’ve talked to that can’t afford personalized nutrition counseling, so this is where the importance of Muniq’s community comes into play. 

The folks at Muniq were kind enough to give me community access, where I literally read hundreds of posts from customers sharing their AMAZING results, dramatic drops in A1c, fasting blood sugar, and body weight. Members are also supporting each other with tips and advice, competing in monthly challenges, and more. 

Now I no longer dread that question, “What’s the best meal replacement shake for better blood sugar control?” I believe Muniq comes out on top as the best shake for blood sugar management. And the support delivered with their free customer community is that extra little nudge that delivers real results.


That’s why I’m giving my readers an exclusive offer to try Muniq for yourself to see how you can naturally improve your blood sugar and reach your weight-loss goals.

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