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PalinskiAs your go-to expert for achieving your nutrition and wellness goals, Erin focuses on providing practical, realistic advice that allows you to start seeing results instantly, but more importantly, maintain results permanently!

No more false claims or silly fads- just real results, for real people, every time!

In-office visits are available with Erin and her team of dietitians at her Franklin, NJ and Ramsey, NJ office locations. Please click here for more information.

E-Learning Nutrition Courses

Erin is thrilled to announce the release of her first e-learning nutrition course- 30 Days to a Healthier Heart and Lower Blood Pressure CLICK HERE to register!

Phone and Real-Time Chat Sessions
One hour, one-on-one session(s) with nutrition and fitness expert Erin Palinski-Wade will help jumpstart your nutrition and health goals. Sessions can be held by telephone, real time chat thru AOL Instant messenger or Yahoo Messenger. You will only pay for actionable time. You will begin by forwarding your background information which is reviewed at no charge. Erin will review this information as well as your list of pre-arranged questions (so you donít lose time on the actual call!). Once the call/chat begins, it is a full-steamed, jam packed nutrition education session that doesnít stop for an uninterrupted 60 minutes. Enough time to address and answer all of your burning nutrition questions- and then some! You may even record the call/chat if you would like and may follow up with one to two questions via email. Follow up sessions and packages are also available.

E-NutritionMail Packages
Or you may choose the E-NutritionMail counseling package, where you may send any and all of your nutrition questions (up to 10 questions per package) to Erin where they will be answered and addressed via email in 48 hours. With this package, you may also follow up with 1-2 email questions.

Mini Nutrition Makeovers
For quick,custom nutrition guidance from Erin, consider a Mini Nutrition Makeover. Simply fill out an easy form with your information and a sample day of what you eat. Erin will review your intake and send you 5 custom tailored guidelines to follow to improve your nutrient intake and start you on your way to achieving your health and wellness goals. She will also send you a FREE gift!

Weight Loss Meal Plans Designed by Erin
Do you want a weight loss meal plan personally designed by Erin- the same plan that has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off permanently? Then youíre in luck! Erin is now offering her highly successful 7-day meal plans delivered right to your inbox! Choose from five separate meal plan options: men, women, diabetic, vegetarian, and child/teen. Get started on your path to permanent weight loss success today!
Weight Loss Meal Plans

Custom Designed Meal Plans by Erin
Have you ever wished a nutrition expert would tell you exactly what to eat, when and how much? Well now you can! Erin can custom design a meal plan just for you and your unique nutrition and fitness needs. Erin can create a personalized 7 day or 14 day meal plan based on your nutritional needs, food preferences, and goals. Customized meal plans will be delivered right to your inbox within 3 business days after you fill out and return your meal plan request form (filled with questions that will help Erin create the most personalized meal plan possible).
Custom Designed Meal Plans

In Person Sessions
For those desiring in-person counseling and coaching, Erin and her team of dietitians are available for individual nutrition counseling sessions at her private practice locations in Franklin, NJ (Sussex County) and Ramsey, NJ (Bergen County). Erin’s facility works with adults and children of all ages and specializes in weight management, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sports nutrition, and general health and wellness. Call Erin’s office directly at 973.827.1733 or 201.825.3001 to schedule an appointment with her team of dietitians.

Erin's programs are so successful her clients have even been featured on national news! Check out these amazing client success stories and testimonials. Are you ready to start seeing real, permanant results? Book now!

Couple Loses Over 150 pounds!
Twins Work Together with Dietitian Erin Palinski to Lose 123 pounds!