“I’ve found Erin’s expertise and insight to be spot-on in all cases. She provides great, research-based explanations in ways that readers can easily understand and digest. And, she’s a joy to work with!”

-Sarah Jio, Glamour

“We had a fabulous time with Erin. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about her and the presentation!”

-Rhonda Leader, MCG

“I have had the opportunity to work with so many outstanding professionals who have made my stories stand out from the crowd. Erin has been without doubt one of them. She is always providing me with top notch information and knowledge on this field. She’s simply one of the best!”

-Marta Montenegro, Fox News

“Erin is a absolute pleasure to work with. She makes every segment interesting and answers each question with thoughtfulness and care! Very hard to come by when working with on-air experts!”

-Mary Ann Henderson, Producer

“Working with Erin as a spokesperson for our media tour was a total pleasure. The media loved her and her energy was contagious!”

–Jovanna David, Producer

“I would recommend Erin as a speaker in a heartbeat! Her presentation was able to meet the needs of our diverse audience and the audience really connected with her!”

-Nancy Bakewell, Ethicon

“As a magazine editor, I have featured Erin regularly as a top nutrition and fitness expert. She has a tremendous knack for sharing the most up-to-date health advice in an actionable, user-friendly manner, making it easy for any busy woman to follow!”

-Jennifer Leonard, Special Features Editor, Woman’s World


“Erin is a pleasure to work with. She’s smart, media savvy, always willing to fit me in under tight deadlines, and her advice is always grounded in science–a journalist’s dream.”

–Emily G. W. Chau, associate editor for Fitbie.com


“I wanted to thank Erin for not only a highly informative presentation but a very professional delivery as well! It left a lasting impression with our audience and they were most appreciative of the ‘hands-on’ tips, ideas and suggestions presented. I look forward to having Erin return again and would happily recommend her!”

– Kevin Fletcher, Harrogate


“Erin is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable! I look forward to having her back!

-Alexandria Bonanno, Kubra Corporation


“The the event was seamless and her credibility was evident”

-Margee Macdonell, Formula PR


“My experience working with Erin has been nothing but wonderful! Her passion for food and nutrition really shines through by her dedication and willingness-to-help mentality. She addresses a challenge with a smile on her face, and there is always integrity behind her work. Erin brings a lot to the table with her knowledge and insights, and her positivity makes her such a pleasure to interact and work with. In any realm, I would recommend Erin as a nutrition expert.”

– Sarah Lewis, MWW


“Erin is a absolute pleasure to work with. She’s a consummate spokeswoman and expert. She makes every segment interesting and answers each question with thoughtfulness and care! very hard to come by when working with on-air experts!”

-Mary Ann Henderson, Plus Media


Erin is a nationally recognized nutrition professional and her expertise is invaluable. She is extremely knowledgeable and a sought after media spokesperson for her expertise on a variety of health topics; especially weight management, diabetes, sports and pregnancy nutrition. She produces high quality work and is a breath of fresh air. Erin is extremely responsive, and really embraces the brand and acts as a true ambassador for the brand and product. It is a pleasure to work with her from start to finish, and I am honored to call her a colleague .

-Kate Wilson, Ketchum PR


“We loved Erin’s presentation! It was incredibly informative and professionally presented! She provided realistic suggestions for making positive change in our clients everyday lives and everyone walked away with terrific knowledge and insight!”

-Voices of September 11th