Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, LDN

Recent Media Placements


March 2016


March 1st The Healthy Hilary Show Radio Interview Healthy Child Nutrition


March 1st 2016 Eat This Not That 31 Day Nutrition Challenge


March 1st 2016 What to Eat if You Have Type 2 Diabetes


March 7th 2016 How to Cure Hangover Cravings


March 7th 2016 How to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels


March 9th 2016 NY PIX 11 Morning News – LIVE segmentThe Skinny on Salt


March 18th 2016 Fitness Magazine 10 Dietitian Approved Breakfasts (recipe and photography featured)


March 18th 2016 10 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Metabolic Syndrome


March 22nd Diabetes Alert Day


March 23rd What to Eat When You Are Constipated


March 23rd Eat This 15 Ways to Burn Calories in the Bedroom


March 24th Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Diabetes Diet (author)


March 27th Self Magazine Healthy Snacks that Crush Cravings


March 27th 2016 TIME Magazine  17 Processed Foods Nutritionists Approve Of


March 28th 2016 Woman’s World Magazine America’s Ultimate Expert Feature ‘I Can’t Stop Craving Junk Food’ (print only)


March 29th 2016 Eat Less to Save Money?


March 31st Diabetic Lifestyle Can a Monday Fast Fix Weekend Overeating? (author)



February 2016


February 5th 2016- Why Haylie Duff’s Body Message is a Positive One for All Women


February 9th 2016 - Control Your Portions, Control Your Size


February 9th 2016 – DiabeticLifestyle 4 Foods that Blast Winter Blues & Prevent Weight Gain (author)


February 9th 2016 – Yumbox  4 ways to Teach Your Children to Eat Heart Healthy (author)


February 9th 2016 Eat This, Not That! For Drinkers


February 10th 2016 Strategic Diets: What to Eat to Boost Your Mood


February 11th 2016  9 Surprising Foods that Are Only Pretending to Be Healthy


February 11th 2016 4 Diabetes Approved Valentine’s Day Desserts


February 18th 2016 Fitness Magazine Healthy Egg Recipes for Brunch


February 18th 2016 6 Nutritionist-Backed Tips to Outsmart PMS


February 19th 2016  What You Should Eat with Type 2 Diabetes


February 21st 2016 The Daily Meal 9 Nutritionist Approved Desserts that Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


February 22nd 2016 Eat This Not That 17 Processed Foods Nutritionists Approve


February 22nd 2016 Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels


February 22nd 2016 Foods that Keep You Full


February 29th 2016 Reader’s Digest 7 Science Backed Weight Loss Tricks that Have Nothing to Do With Diet or Exercise






January 2016


January 4th 2016- Why Fewer American’s Are Trying to Lose Weight This Year


January 5th 2016 - The Most Common Nutrition Mistakes


January 8th 2016 Prevention Magazine How to Start Walking for Weight Loss


January 8th 2016 Galore Magazine Is Detoxing Necessary?


January 11th 2016 Why Soup is Your Winter Gateway into Volumetrics


January 12th 2016 Tomato Wellness Council Brighten Up Your Winter with Tomato Products


January 13th 2016 Top Expert’s Weight Loss Mantras


January 14th 2016 Boost Your Productivity with Diet


January 14th 2016  Flatout Bread  Wrap Up a Simply Healthy Dinner Your Whole Family Will Love!


January 15th 2016 How to Lose 50 Pounds by Walking it Off


January 15th 2016 The Worst Foods for Sleep


January 16th 2015 Bergen Record/ The Top Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Eating in 2016


January 18th 2016 Why Drinking Coffee Before Your Job Interview is a Bad Idea


January 19th 2016 Healthline What the New Fat Guidelines Mean for You


January 21st 2016 7 Tips to Cut Back on Sugar


January 22nd 2016 Cosmopolitan Magazine So You Have a FUPA?


January 25th 2016 Us Weekly Magazine  Blast Your Belly Fat (print only)


January 25th 2016 Longevity Live Get Rid of Belly Fat & Inflammation





December 2015


The Dr. Oz Show  - “Surprising Health Benefits of Cinnamon”  air date: 12/10/15


Food Network 11 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays  13 Pairing to Make Weight Loss Smoothies Healthier


Fitness Magazine  20 High Protein Recipes that Fill You Up


EverydayHealth 10 Expert Tips for Making Healthier Sauces & Dressings


EverydayHealth  The 6 Best Pre-Workout Snacks


Bergen Record/ Debunking Holiday Health Myths


Health Monitor Winter 2015 (pdf)



November 2015 Best-selling Diabetes Cookbook Authors Meet & Greet


Elle Magazine What to Eat Before a Job Interview


Elle Magazine What to Eat When You Are Meeting Your Ex


Elle Magazine What to Eat the Week of Your Wedding


Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine – Why Living Alone Can Sabotage Your Diet - Scientists Confirm Certain Tableware Makes You Eat More – Smart Snacks for Overweight Kids (video) - The Biggest Diet Mistakes Women Make


Advertiser News - Childhood Obesity Month is a Great Time to Put Down the Electronics and Get Moving


New York Daily News - SPAM Snacks to Debut This Fall


New York Daily News How Your Office May be Killing You Ten Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Metabolic Syndrome


Metro NY Make Over Your Snack Break


Health Magazine – 10 Foods For Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair – 5 Surprising Foods That Have Little Impact on Blood Sugar – How Type 2 Diabetes Changes Over Time – Racing to Control Type 2 Diabetes The Best Breakfasts for Managing Diabetes Cooking with Diabetes Smart Food Swaps for Diabetes Ways to Prevent Excess Gas Foods For Healthy Skin & Nails