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Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDCES, LDN, CPT

Nutrition & Fitness Expert – Bestselling Author – Speaker – Spokesperson
Simplifying diabetes for busy moms

About Erin Palinski-Wade

As the media’s go-to expert on all things nutrition and diabetes, Erin is one of the most quoted dietitians in the country and a sought after speaker, spokesperson, and writer. She has authored four books including the bestselling ‘2 Day Diabetes Diet’ and ‘Belly Fat Diet For Dummies,’ and has appeared on shows including The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and The Early Show.

Erin regularly contributes to media outlets including Fox News, Food Network, Bravo TV, and Prevention. As a busy mom of two young boys, she juggles her time between writing for outlets such as EverydayHealth.com and Diabetes Forecast, motivating audiences as a keynote speaker, and working together with clients in her private practice in NJ.


About Erin Palinski-Wade

Judgment Free Health Zone

Whether you are trying to lose weight, fight diabetes, or get your family to eat their veggies, I’m here to guide you along the way without judgment or guilt. We all have our own unique path to achieving optimal health. Let me help you find yours!

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No Time? No Problem?

Being short on time is no excuse for ignoring your health. Let me show you how to make time for your own health even if it feels like you have no time for yourself!



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